Motivated by postseason hopes

As a Major Leaguer, it’s always nice to head into September still playing for something.  Many of us have been working out since November and before the long season begins you always have those two months at Spring Training.

So it’s always easy for your mind to start wondering during the final 30 days.  But being in a pennant race, keeps you motivated and gives you something to be excited about every day you come to the ballpark.    I am fortunate that there have been only two years that I think we’ve been out of it.  I remember September being a long, long month those years.

We’ve found away to stay in it this year and it looks like the Wild Card would be a more reasonable way to go.  It doesn’t matter how you get in.   Our starting pitching gives us a chance every night.  I think that will ultimately what keeps us in it.

And as I’ve said before, if you’re playing meaningful games in the final weeks that can definitely help you in the postseason.

My first season with the Braves has been great.  The tone was set early with a very laid back Spring Training, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  They’ve incorporated a great group of guys here.  
The city of Atlanta has been fun.  I’m happy it hasn’t been as hot as they say it has been in the past.  It’s  a great place to play and you can see why so many guys have enjoyed playing here over the years.


  1. mc21

    You’d probably get to enjoy it more if your manager would quit making bonehead decisions when it comes down to bullpen management.

    Is it true that there are actually more than 4 pitchers in the bullpen right now? I know the roster says that, but you wouldn’t know it by the way the games go.


    My husband and i are so excited!!!! We watch every game even if we have to DVR it. The pitching has been fantastic. Just now that Jackson, MS is pulling for you guys. God Bless

  3. bluesman85

    D-Lowe…as a Braves fan, even though you had an off-year…I am thankful for what you’ve done for my team. You’re a workhorse, & hope you re-discover that nasty sinker of yours & if you stay in Atlanta, you silence all of the doubters. Merry Christmas!

  4. beachnick54

    Derek!! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you not to be discouraged by the offseason trade talks. I don’t understand the way some of the media has portrayed this all. As if “no one wanted you.” Rediculous. There just weren’t many financial suitors. It was simply a financial thing so that the Braves could free up $ for the offense. You are one of the best pitchers in baseball. The high era last year was a fluke. Even so, you ate up a ton of innings and won 15 games. Pitch this season like you have nothing to prove, because you don’t. Do your thing this year! Eat up innings and get the job done in typical Lowe fasion. Grind it out!!


    Derek wow I have been so very happy for your success. You came a long way from Edsel Ford and I am so very proud to have known you. You have had a great career, but I can still take you in soccer lol. It has been exciting to watch you and to tell my son that the pitcher on tv was once my classmate and friend. Good luck.


    Who are those people leaving the glowing comments? Your relatives??? You are a terrible pitcher when the Team needs you most.


    This is not about you Derek ,but rather Bobby Cox.I have to admitt ive not always agreed his calls to the bull pen,but I have never won 13 division titles either.I admire his talking to the hitters as their at bat.A lot of our problem I think comes from the front office.Troy Glaus is a good example.Troy helped us to get where we were in sept.and low and behold here they go and acquire Derek Lee.We dont need a first baseman but OUTFIELDERS with power.Now we need another skipper.I will miss Bobby and im sure his anti’s will to.We’ve got championship players now we need another leader.Thats where you and the rest of the guys can come together like a real family and win this thing next year.Theres no reason why we can’t with a positive add to our outfield.

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