Nothing wrong with advancing to postseason via Wild Card

Those were two tough losses to begin this week’s series against the Marlins.   But it was great to get that extra-inning win on Thursday night and head into this weekend still in the thick of the Wild Card race.  

I think over the past few years people have changed their perception of the Wild Card. Because so many teams have won the World Series coming out of that avenue, I think people have stopped looking down on those teams that reach the postseason this way.

I think so many Wild Card teams have won the World Series  because you’re playing meaningful games right up until the last game of the year.  So you may be facing playoff implications the last two weeks, whereas when you win the division with like 10 games to go, you celebrate, coast and rest guys.  

Wild Card teams enter the postseason with momentum  are clearly playing the best baseball of anybody, because they had to down the stretch.   There’s no doubt that can benefit you.  

Still your goal is to win your division until you’re mathematically eliminated.  So that will continue to be our focus as we try to chase down Philly.  

It’s going to different facing the Dodgers on Saturday.  When I faced the Red Sox in June, there were some emotional ties to Boston, but I didn’t play with a lot of their current players.  

Obviously I played with a lot of the current Dodgers.  But it’s tough to say that I know how to pitch them.   I’ve probably watched more tape of them over the last 10 days than I normally do when preparing to face an opponent.
You’d think that I’d know how to pitch them better than most teams,  but I don’t. When you’re playing with them, you don’t necessarily watch to see how they’re getting pitched.
Still it’s going to be fun to face my former teammates in back-to-back starts.  They’re a classy organization and I enjoyed my four years in Los Angeles.
The Dodgers are one of the top two or three organizations in all of baseball, so it’s going to be a challenge.


  1. crzblue2

    Dodger fan here. This is long due, I meant to say congratulations on beating the hated Giants but Boo to beating my beloved Dodgers. I wonder what game you are playing at Dodger Stadium. We will miss you Saturday at the WIN Baseball clinic. I better spray Wolf with some holly water so he can pitch a good game against you.

  2. ladybomber212

    Even though the Wild Card has changed the complexion of the game, I can tell you (from a fan’s perspective) it took me years to accept it.

    I have in a way… at least 70% but there is that other 30% that tends to go into baseball purist mode….if you have consistently stayed on your game, those are the ones that should duke it out in the playoffs.

    ….but at the end of the day, the Wild Card was without question a business move…in the sense of teams who have smaller payrolls who don’t usually have a shot at a postseason berth now do via the Wild Card and I have to say…the baseball business gods were on to something in that respect.

    …and I do hope that you and Hot-lanta (one of four baseball teams I back) makes it into the playoffs…it’s been a hot long minute since and it’s long over due…much success to you D-Lowe!!

    P.S. I miss ol’ Frenchy in a Braves uniform. =( It’s not the same without him on the team.

  3. sooners16

    why i think nothing is wrong if you get in by a wild card
    if im not mistaken there willl on be four teams if there isnt
    gud luck in the game tomorrow. we want u in new york


    Boy, nothing like coming up big and doing something for the TEAM!!!

    What a pitiful display against the last place team.

    Ever think about going to the Bullpen????/

    Or here is an idea, RETIRE!!!!

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